POLYNís patented VibroSense covers wider IIOT

Date: 25/10/2023
Neural networks based fables semiconductor vendor POLYN has been granted its first U.S. patent to remotely monitor Industrial IoT systems and specifically vehicle tyres. POLYN makes neural network based edge AI chips branded as NASP.

This patent is on leveraging neural networks integrated into the NASP chip to handle intricate data that can be seamlessly transmitted from the vehicle tires to both the driver's dashboard and the vehicle's computer. A similar application can be applied Industrial IoT to monitor remote things.

Company said in its release this U.S. patent focuses on specific applications of POLYN's VibroSense technology segment, extending beyond just tires to encompass the broader Industrial IoT sector. This patent showcases the company's dedication to advancing the development of cutting-edge Neuromorphic Front-End (NFE) IP, which is based on NASP and offers outstanding power and performance efficiency.

ďOur growing IP portfolio reflects more than four years of neuromorphic architecture research and development,Ē said Boris Maslov, Chairman of the Board of POLYN Technology. ďAs we continue to innovate and improve our technology at the Smart Thin Edge, we enable our partners to create unprecedented intelligent applications. The new patent further cements our leadership in on-sensor products and development of neuromorphic IP.Ē

POLYN also said its portfolio now includes more than two dozen additional patent applications pending in the U.S. Europe, Japan, Korea, India, China, and elsewhere.

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