32-core Arm Neoverse CPU chiplet in TSMC's 2nm by 1st half 2025

Date: 20/10/2023
Fabless SOC chip designer Socionext to develop 32-core Arm Neoverse CPU based chiplets to get fabricated in coming-up TSMC's advance 2nm Semiconductor fab. Socionext collaborating with Arm and TSMC to make these chiplets available in first half of 2025.

Socionext said this advanced CPU chiplet proof-of-concept using Arm Neoverse CSS technology is designed for single or multiple instantiations within a single package, along with IO and application-specific custom chiplets to optimize performance for a variety of end applications.

Chiplet based heterogeneous 3-D ICs offer flexibility as well as customisation, and also economical in some of the applications. Partnering with Arm make things more reliable, less time-consuming in terms of designing, where Arm said its Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS), is a faster, lower-risk path to custom silicon for infrastructure. Neoverse CSS is delivered pre-integrated and pre-verified solutions that bring more value than discrete IP to partners such as Socionext.

“Socionext is a leading provider of custom SoCs for global hyperscale data center, automotive and networking customers. Driven by commercial and time-to-market benefits, there is a growing customer demand for granular compute power. Leveraging silicon re-use to create multiple product platforms enables innovative system architectures. With leading silicon node enablement and our partnership with Arm, we are designing and delivering highly integrated large scale silicon solutions to global customers,” said Hisato Yoshida, Corporate Executive Vice President and the Head of Global Development Group at Socionext. “This chiplet complements our customers' current SoC designs and provides system architects new degrees of freedom to deliver many platform variants for a product family.”

“Arm Neoverse CSS is unlocking greater accessibility to custom silicon and driving innovation across the chiplet ecosystem,” said Mohamed Awad, senior vice president and general manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “The advanced chiplet proof-of-concept from Socionext is demonstrating what is possible through Arm Total Design and will accelerate the path to custom, workload-optimized solutions for our broader ecosystem.”

“TSMC is pleased to support Socionext and Arm's flexible chiplet design with the outstanding performance, form factor and energy efficiency offered by our 2nm technology, as well as our comprehensive ecosystem to accelerate time-to-market of customer product innovations,” said Dr. Cliff Hou, Senior Vice President of Corporate Research/Research and Development at TSMC. “We have worked with Socionext across many generations of our leading-edge technology, and look forward to extending this collaboration into the 2nm generation.”