Hozon chose Wind River Linux to create their recent software-defined vehicle platform

Date: 19/10/2023
Hozon New Energy Automobile has chosen Wind River Linux to create the Hozon Automotive Intelligent Security Vehicle Platform.

“Software will continue to drive the automotive industry forward and create new possibilities for both carmakers and consumers,” said Avijit Sinha, chief product officer, Wind River. “Wind River Linux can help innovators such as Hozon develop high-performance frameworks designed to accelerate the software-defined vehicle.”

“Hozon is pushing the boundaries of innovation in its vehicle development,” said Dai Dali, chief technology officer, Hozon. “It is important to work with both an Auto and a Linux expert who possesses the highest levels of professional services ability combined with long-term support and localization capabilities, including expertise in the areas of performance optimization, security, and safety. We believe that Wind River is an excellent partner.”

The Hozon Automotive Intelligent Security Vehicle Platform is a comprehensive hardware and software framework designed for high-performance computing gateways and vehicle control. It is set to commence production in 2025. This platform seamlessly integrates open-source frameworks and tools, facilitating the swift development and deployment of software applications.

To meet Hozon's demanding high-performance requirements on Arm® silicon, Wind River Linux offers a Linux operating system that guarantees exceptional stability and security. As the most advanced Linux platform in the embedded industry, Wind River Linux empowers teams to create, implement, and maintain robust, reliable, and secure embedded solutions.

The partnership between Hozon and Wind River encompasses the development of cutting-edge automotive infrastructure software, aimed at facilitating software-defined vehicle functionalities. These capabilities include advanced high-performance computing, seamless internal and external networking between vehicles and infrastructure (V2X), as well as advanced driver assist systems (ADAS).

For more information visit:www.windriver.com