HARMAN introduces a new language model called HARMAN HealthGPT designed for the healthcare industry

Date: 19/10/2023
Samsung owned HARMAN introduced a new product called HealthGPT, which is a language model designed specifically for healthcare.

HealthGPT uses artificial intelligence to assist healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions in providing better patient care, conducting medical research, and making informed decisions. This innovation is a significant advancement in the field of healthcare solutions.

Health GPT combines the advantages of an LLM, such as natural language interaction and the ability to learn, with a solid foundation of healthcare information from different data sources. This model follows responsible AI principles and has been thoroughly tested for accuracy and reliability using HARMAN's automated LLM testing framework. The results have also been verified by healthcare experts.
HARMAN HealthGPT is a private LLM that helps businesses have better control over their roadmap, privacy, compliance, and security matters while keeping costs optimized.

Key advantages of working with HARMAN HealthGPT include:
? Enhanced Clinical Insights: Provides real-time, context-aware clinical insights, aiding in decision making.
? End-to-end LLM Fine-tuning framework: A comprehensive framework for fine-tuning Language Model (LLM) to achieve optimal performance.
? Data generation framework: A framework for creating high-quality customized datasets to further fine-tune the Language Model (LLM) for enhanced performance.
? Automated LLM evaluation framework: Completely automated solution to validate fine-tuned LLMs for quality of outputs, factual correctness, hallucinations, and toxicity.
? Cost Optimization: Advanced deployment techniques using quantization to significantly reduce model size and thereby processing costs by up to one-tenth.
? Drug Discovery and Research: Accelerate drug discovery and development by extracting valuable insights from clinical trial data.

Nick Parrotta, President – Digital Transformation Solutions & Chief Digital and Information officer at HARMAN said, “The business value of generative AI cannot be overstated. Organizations that scale and implement swiftly will see significant competitive advantages, productivity gains and more – but only if they can unlock their data and move from general-purpose applications to more specialized, domain-specific applications. At HARMAN, it is our mission to help our clients navigate this hurdle and create a competitive advantage long-term. HARMAN HealthGPT is an example of our capabilities that will help organizations utilize specific industry-trained models to better solve unique problems and add value for customers. With our long-standing AI expertise and ability to develop effective LLMs, we’re equipped to help our clients move past challenging roadblocks and fully capitalize on the exciting promise of generative AI.”

HARMAN is currently observing promising initial outcomes from its LLM training program. Furthermore, its AI and ML teams are strategically positioned with a thoroughly tested end-to-end framework to optimize additional private LLMs, beyond the healthcare sector, to address similar customer challenges.

For more information visit: https://services.harman.com/