Nokia launches 6G Lab in India

Date: 19/10/2023
Nokia has recently unveiled the establishment of a cutting-edge 6G Lab at its Global R&D center in Bangalore, India. This initiative is geared towards expediting the advancement of foundational technologies and inventive applications supported by 6G technology, with the ultimate goal of meeting the future requirements of various industries and society. Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Railways, Communications, Electronics & IT, Government of India inaugurated the facility virtually.

Nokia's 6G laboratory is committed to supporting the 'Bharat 6G Vision' of the Government of India, as introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This vision aims to position India as a key player in the standardization, development, and implementation of 6G technology on a global scale. The laboratory will serve as a collaborative platform for industry stakeholders, enabling them to test innovative solutions and assess their potential for commercialization.

The Lab has a setup to study 'Network as a Sensor' technology. This technology allows the network to sense objects, people, and movement without the need for onboard sensors. In the 6G era, 'Network as a Sensor' is an important technology that brings the digital and physical worlds together. Sensing will be integrated into the wireless network and work at the same time as communication services. This could allow people to see around corners, gather information about their surroundings, and interact with objects from a distance. The Lab will also be used to research algorithms, privacy, and sustainable system design.

Nokia is at the forefront of 6G research and development, actively participating in numerous global projects and regional initiatives alongside industry peers, customers, academia, and research institutions. The primary objective of these endeavours is to establish a unified perspective and trajectory for 6G technology, encompassing initiatives such as 6G Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II, which represent the initial and subsequent phases of the esteemed European 6G Flagship program. Additionally, Nokia assumes the role of a founding member within the Next G Alliance, a collaborative effort aimed at propelling the 6G ecosystem in North America. Furthermore, Nokia is actively involved in coordinating the German Lighthouse project 6G ANNA, further solidifying its commitment to advancing the field of 6G telecommunications.

Ashwini Vaishnaw said: “The inauguration of the Nokia 6G research lab in Bengaluru today is another step towards PM Narendra Modi’s vision of making India an innovation hub. Interesting use cases coming out of this lab will be related to transportation safety, health care and education which will be another big contribution to the entire Digital India suite.”

Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer of Nokia said: “Nokia is honoured to contribute towards the realization of the Indian government’s ‘Bharat 6G vision’. We look forward to collaborating with key stakeholders to help India become a major player in 6G technology development and adoption, and take its place in the global arena as a leading developer and supplier of advanced telecom technologies and solutions.”

Nokia's professionals at its Bengaluru center are poised to assist India in its endeavour to make significant strides in global 6G technology standards. Moreover, the company is actively engaged in establishing research partnerships with Indian research institutes such as IISc/IITs, to further enhance the scope of the 6G research initiative in India.

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