JEDEC JEP30 and OCP CDXML are integrated for new era of chiplet innovation

Date: 13/10/2023
Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) and JEDEC have collaborated to bring a transformative shift in the chiplet based heterogenous semiconductor 3D IC innovation. OCP's CDXML and JEDEC's JEP30 PartModel Guidelines are cobined to revolutionize chiplet design, manufacturing, and integration. The outcome will be a cohesive framework that encompasses chiplets and general electronic parts under JEDEC's purview.

The integration of OCP CDXML into JEP30 has achieved a crucial milestone, allowing chiplet builders to electronically provide standardized chiplet part descriptions to customers. This advancement enables automated System in Package (SiP) design and assembly using chiplets, encompassing vital information such as thermal properties, physical and mechanical requirements, behavior specifications, power and signal integrity properties, in-package testing, and security parameters for SiP builders.

The Chiplet Design Exchange (CDX), a working group within the Open Compute Project's Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) sub-project, consists of experts from various fields. Their goal is to foster an open chiplet economy. CDX presented a whitepaper at the IEEE 3DIC 2021 conference, introducing standardized chiplet models for 3D IC designs. Notably, machine-readable models for electrical and mechanical properties, now known as JEDEC JEP30 PartModels, were developed. These models serve as the basis for the Chiplet Design Kit (CDK).

“The integration of JEDEC JEP30 and OCP CDXML is truly a groundbreaking endeavor, creating a unified platform that revolutionizes chiplet and electronic part integration,” said Michael Durkan, JEDEC Task Group Chair and PartModel Sponsor. He continued: “Enabling component manufacturers to create standardized digital part models that can be easily used by designers and engineers in all varieties of electronic systems will help propel the industry forward with next-level digitalization and automation”.

“By uniting the power of OCP CDXML and JEDEC JEP30 standards, we are forging a new era of collaboration and innovation in the chiplet industry. This integration empowers engineers, manufacturers and designers with a comprehensive framework that enhances efficiency, compatibility and customization,” said Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer with OCP. He added: “The OCP CDXML-JEDEC JEP30 collaboration embodies OCP’s value proposition and its commitment to driving progress and elevating the industry as a whole.”

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