Lam's VR headset based virtual fab for semiconductor engineering research in India

Date: 27/06/2023
Lam Research launches Semiverse, a wearble VR headset based tech to Connect the user Virtually to physical semiconductor fab, enabling remote research labs and fabs to connect each other in India.


Lam Research formed Semiverse Solutions business unit led by Corporate Vice President David Fried by using its internal software development, simulation and modeling, data systems and advanced analytics. The new advanced software platforms to solve process modeling, design automation, and integration challenges and to enable advanced plasma, fluid, electromagnetic and particle simulations.
These are "building blocks" for a interconnected ecosystem of virtual tools and digital twins to refine new processes more rapidly, at significantly lower cost, and with less physical materials usage.

Lam Research's Semiverse Solutions with SEMulator3D to deliver a virtual nano fabrication environment to help train the next generation of semiconductor engineers in India. Combined with program management and course curriculum customization, this program is targeted to educate up to 60,000 Indian engineers in nanotechnologies, over a ten-year period, in support of India's semiconductor education and workforce development goals.

Lam's Semiverse Solutions is an initial building block for a boundaryless virtual semiconductor fabrication ecosystem.

"The role semiconductors play in enabling everything from artificial intelligence to electric vehicles is fueling a greater need for nanotechnology expertise around the world. We look forward to working with the government of India in support of their goal to fast track the education and training of the next generation of semiconductor engineers," said Lam Research President and CEO Tim Archer.

This system can also be used to educate future semiconductor engineers in chip fabrication by providing physical access to the most advanced nanotechnologies. The virtual processes is safer than physical by avoiding dangers of experimenting with volatile chemistries critical in the development and creation of semiconductors. Virtual skills training with the Semiverse Solutions portfolio is already in use by Lam, its customers, and partner academic institutions in the United States.

"Lam's Semiverse Solutions portfolio is a gamechanger that provides a foundation to create a virtual semiconductor innovation universe," says Fried. "As the semiconductor ecosystem races to scale to address the criticality of chips, the virtual-physical fabrication world made possible with Semiverse Solutions opens the door for exciting new opportunities for collaboration, workforce development and advanced technology breakthroughs."