Mazda's future EV cars and other vehicles to be powered by Panasonic Li-ion batteries

Date: 21/06/2023
Japan-based leading battery maker Panasonic Energy and automotive manufacturer Mazda have agreed to enter into discussions to establish medium to long-term partnership or supplying of automotive cylindrical Lithium-ion Batteries to meet demand for battery electric vehicles and automotive batteries in a fast-growing and rapidly expanding EV market.
The talks are aimed at Panasonic Energy supplying Mazda with automotive cylindrical lithium-ion batteries manufactured at Panasonic Energy’s plants in Japan and North America, and Mazda installing batteries procured from Panasonic Energy in batter EVs scheduled to be launched in the latter half of this decad post 2025.

Kazuo Tadanobu, President, CEO of Panasonic Energy, stated, “As the automotive industry rapidly advances electrification and is leading in this technology, collaboration with Mazda will be a major step toward the achievement of our mission of realizing a society in which the pursuit of happiness and a sustainable environment are harmonized. With our superior technology and extensive experience, we will drive growth of the lithium-ion battery industry and further accelerate our efforts to achieve zero emissions"
Masahiro Moro, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Mazda, said, “As part of our electrification initiatives, Mazda is working with its partners in three phases to flexibly respond to changes in regulatory trends, consumer needs, and other areas. We are delighted to collaborate with Panasonic Energy, which has been a pioneer in automotive lithium-ion batteries, developing high-quality products. We will keep contributing to curbing global warming through various initiatives including our electrification strategy".

Mazda had already installed Panasonic batteries in its Demio EV, which the company had released in Japan in year 2012.

Demio EV features driving range of 200 km in single charge. The lithium ion batteries in the car hold a total energy of 20 KWh.