How to start RISC V based semiconductor chip and electronic product development

Date: 08/06/2023
Whether you are running a semiconductor vendor or an entry level SoC VLSI chip designer, you can't ignore the fact that the open source processor instruction set called RISC V is becoming important part of chip design technologies to focus. Even if you are into electronics system design the use of RISC V based chips are growing in the market. It is becoming necessary to learn about RISC V and the development eco around RISC V and RISC V based products released in the market.

You can find tons of information on Internet on RISC V. But only few online sources provide directional learning information . In a series of article starting with this I try to provide some important decision making content and references about RISC V.

As per various sources RISC V is a royality free technology. It is backed by Linux foundation. RISC V use the phrase "Open era of computing" quite often in many of its writings. When its free its free for whole world, including top chip vendors such as Intel, Nividia to small VLSI design startup in your town.

First and foremost step is to get access to direct information from RISC V foundation. To get that you need register as a member of RISC V foundation. RISC V foundation explains various benefits of becoming member in its membership page. There are three types of memberships: Premier, strategic, and community. Premier and strategic is only for organisations. For individuals community membership is offered without any annual membership fees.

If you're seriously inclined to go deep into RISC V based product development and learning, membership with RISC V foundation looks to be must.

At US250K annual member ship fee, Premier members can have a seat on the Board of Directors, the Technical Steering Committee, and enhanced communications coverage via RISC-V content and social media.
Strategic membership starts at US$2000 (per year) for tiny startups with less than 10 employees to US35K annual member ship fee for companies with more than 5K staff. Strategic suits for those who are using RISC V in their products, where these members can lead workgroup and/or committees.
risc v memb

To become member and to learn more on the membership visit:

The agreement template at:
provides with good information on terms and conditions.

In the next article let's look at how to learn basic of RISC V.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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