Synaptics' touch controller and Boréas’ piezo haptics powers thinner, lighter trackpad module

Date: 01/06/2023
Synaptics has combined its S9A0H NIST SP800-193 firmware qualified touch controller with Boreas Technologies Inc.'s piezo haptics technology to deliver a high-performance trackpad module. The module provides OEMs with both force sensing and best-in-class haptic feedback while enabling thin and light trackpads with a seamless transition from a large touch-enabled area to the chassis with a consistent click sensation across 100% of the active surface.

“We partnered with Boréas because we saw an opportunity to deliver a highly differentiated trackpad solution for OEMs," said Saleel Awsare, Senior VP and GM, PC and Peripherals Division at Synaptics. "The result is a thinner, lighter trackpad module that provides a unique combination of security, force-sensing, and haptics capabilities for an exceptional end-user experience."

"We are excited to partner with Synaptics," said Simon Chaput, CEO of Boréas. "Our collaboration is an important milestone for the company and the industry as it will accelerate the adoption of piezo haptic technology in trackpads."

Announced last year, the S9AOH IC is an integrated hardware/software touch platform that supports the industry's highest level of firmware security—including 384-bit encryption—to prevent trackpads from being rendered inoperable. It's also scalable to meet the demand for larger, smarter, and more responsive touchpads.

The module leverages the second-generation Boréas Piezo Haptic technology announced earlier this year, as well as the recently announced Boréas BOS1921 piezo driver. The driver delivers autonomous operation and sensing for piezo haptic trackpads in a single chip.

The Synaptics piezo haptic module is available today. For more information:

News Source: Synaptics