FPGA training: Lattice starts extensive training courses with a new site

Date: 25/05/2023
FPGA vendor Lattice Semiconductor has launched an exclusive website www.latticesemi-insights.com titled "Lattice Insights" to learn FPGA based product design. The course is somewhat modular featuring different learning plans including both free and paid version, lesson library, and customizable, interactive instructor-led trainings. Course prepared by FPGA and training experts covers nearly all aspects of FPGA-based development, including silicon, software, solutions, boards, and more.

FPGA Training

It has below subject series.
Developer Series (https://www.latticesemi-insights.com/training-series/developer-series/)

Get started with foundational trainings, enhance your proficiency in HDL, or dive deeper with trainings on advanced techniques – all crafted for the FPGA developer in you.

Software Series (https://www.latticesemi-insights.com/training-series/software-series/)

Explore Lattice’s design software, build fundamentals with hands-on experience, or enhance your FPGA design process with advanced software techniques and tools.

Silicon Series (https://www.latticesemi-insights.com/training-series/silicon-series/)

Discover the Lattice FPGA portfolio, review the features, or go in-depth into the architecture to unlock the full potential of Lattice FPGAs.

Board Series (https://www.latticesemi-insights.com/training-series/board-series/)

Preview the boards & kits, get board development guidance, or explore advanced techniques in your board development process.
Solution Series (https://www.latticesemi-insights.com/training-series/solution-series/)

Discover Lattice Solution Stacks, experience applications across their spectrum of resources, or zoom into a specific technology for your solution development.

“Lattice Insights is designed to provide our customers with comprehensive content and hands-on training to help expand their expertise and bring advanced solutions to market, whether they’ve worked with FPGAs for years or if it’s their first time,” said Mark Nelson, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Lattice. “We believe this portal will serve as an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to learn more about FPGAs and how to best leverage Lattice technology for their application design and development needs.”

Lattice says it will add new content on a regular basis.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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