AudioCodes is approved partner for Microsoft’s Operator Connect Accelerator

Date: 07/05/2023
AudioCodes announced that it has been approved as a partner for Microsoft’s Operator Connect Accelerator. AudioCodes can now offer service providers simplified customer onboarding and operation through the AudioCodes Live Cloud solution, enabling operators to sell voice services via the Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Marketplace.

AudioCodes Live Cloud is a white label, multi-tenant SaaS solution that enables service providers to rapidly onboard their customers to Microsoft Teams voice services through either Microsoft Operator Connect or Direct Routing connectivity. It eliminates the certification and verification approval required from Microsoft third parties – including discovery, environment setup, preproduction testing, networking validation, final testing and approval for using the service provider’s brand – as well as meeting and exceeding Microsoft’s SLA and quality metrics standards. AudioCodes Live Cloud also empowers end customers with an advanced, self-service user policy management portal.

Service providers can leverage AudioCodes Live Cloud to offer both Microsoft Operator Connect and Direct Routing connectivity to their customers, streamlining the process of connecting enterprise voice services to Microsoft Teams. This frees up operators to concentrate on their go-to-market activities, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

AudioCodes Live Cloud is offered as a managed solution hosted in the service provider’s data center or public cloud, or as a pure SaaS solution, giving service providers high flexibility in their design choice. It includes AudioCodes’ market-leading session border controllers (SBCs), which are certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing and Operator Connect.

“We are delighted to welcome AudioCodes as an Operator Connect Accelerator partner, helping service providers deliver enterprise-grade connectivity to their customers,” said Taimoor Husain, Global Strategy Lead for Operators at Microsoft. “Given the global growth in digital transformation, Operator Connect represents a genuine opportunity to simplify Microsoft Teams voice calling adoption and boost productivity”

“AudioCodes Live Cloud is the ideal SaaS solution for assisting service providers to accelerate Operator Connect customer onboarding and operations, all on a per-user per-month plan,” added Lior Aldema, Chief Business Officer at AudioCodes. “Service providers can take full advantage of AudioCodes’ field-proven voice expertise to simplify Microsoft Teams voice connectivity, as well as offer Microsoft-certified business phones and meeting room devices as a service.”

News Source: Audio Codes