Tower and Teramount work together to connect more optical fibres to silicon chips

Date: 04/05/2023
With a continuous effort to increase the data speeds across the chip and on the chip, companies have successfully worked out manufacturable technology to make silicon chips with the ability to connect directly to optical fibres. Israel-based Tower Semiconductor and Teramount have collaborated to connect large number of optical Fibers to silicon chips.

By combining Teramount’s ‘PhotonicPlug’ technology and Tower’s silicon photonic ‘Bump-ready’ wafers and high-volume PH18 silicon photonic technology enable simultaneous connection of a large number of fibers to the chip. Tower says technology enables scalable silicon photonics packaging, high yield fiber assembly and compatibility with high-volume semiconductor manufacturing lines. PH18 is the Tower’s high-volume silicon photonic platform available to all foundry customers.

“Our joint work with Tower has been very successful in producing this innovative scalable connectivity technology in a high-volume manufacturing facility,” said Hesham Taha, CEO of Teramount. “By offering this capability to the industry, Teramount solves one of the major hurdles to further adopt optical connectivity, which is critical for so many applications that require high-speed data transfers”.

Tower and Teramount to offer this capability to customers who need silicon photonics solutions for devices ranging from transceivers to high-bandwidth switches, as well as Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) for networking and advanced computing applications.

“Through our collaboration with Teramount, we are able to offer our customers yet another tool to enable differentiated optical solutions,” said Dr. Ed Preisler, Director of Technology Development, RF & HPA at Tower. “This feature is a powerful addition to Tower’s comprehensive portfolio of photonics technologies, which include our high-volume PH18 platform, and our unique heterogeneously integrated III-V technologies.”