Firmware news: Insyde Software to support opensource AMD OpenSIL

Date: 04/05/2023
Although open source is entering everywhere, the computer firmware industry has just started seeing the open source ball rolling.
Computer Firmware BIOS developer Insyde Software has announced that its InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS to support AMD x86 Open-source Silicon Initialization Library (OpenSIL).

To tell you more on this OpenSIL, AMD has developed this open system firmware to enhance security and functionality by Heidi adhering to simple goals of agnostic set of library functions written in an industry standard language that can be statistically linked to the firmware without having to adhere to any host firmware protocols. It is also light, transparent and is scalable.

OpenSIL provides a standard interface for initialising and configuring silicon IP blocks and provides library of APIs for a wide range of a plastic firmware solutions such as UEFI, and coreboot. It will allow platform integrators to more easily choose and integrate firmware solutions such as UEFI and others .

Insyde Software said by leveraging its robust Supervyse OpenBMC solution, system designers have access to a complete, validated and optimized set of firmware to quickly, securely and reliably enable and manage AMD-powered servers tackling today’s high-performance workloads.

"We appreciate having Insyde Software’s full support for OpenSIL on day one,” said Jay Kirkland, Corporate Vice President, Server Platform Solutions Engineering at AMD. “Insyde is a key enabling partner and their leadership in UEFI firmware continues to give a strong boost to our ecosystem,” added Kirkland.

“Our support for OpenSIL demonstrates our longstanding tradition of providing early readiness for enabling new AMD server technology for our customers,” said Mohamad Saleh, VP of Server Engineering at Insyde Software. “This is why Insyde is trusted to meet the most critical firmware requirements from early silicon enabling, modern boot implementations and joint integration with OpenBMC firmware for today’s datacenter,” added Saleh.

The other companies who are also collaborating with AMD include 9elements cyber security, AMI, and Oxide.

In another related news, leading firmware developer AMI released of its latest BMC Firmware named MegaRAC SP-X LTS 13.5 supporting several Customer Reference Boards including Intel 4th Generation Xeon, Intel Archer City, and AMD 4th Gen EPYC AMD Quartz.


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