GlobalFoundries Engineer Receives $50K Award for Groundbreaking Tech

Date: 16/04/2023
GlobalFoundries announced the winner of its inaugural GFX Prize. This inaugural award recognizes a single groundbreaking invention from among our GF inventors worldwide. As part of this prestigious program, the GFX Prize awards $50,000 USD.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Yusheng Bian, a technology development engineer, Master Inventor and 2021 DEI in Inventorship Champion is being recognized for his exceptional invention as part of GF’s commitment to fostering innovation and recognizing outstanding contributions from its inventors.

Dr. Bian, an accomplished inventor with a portfolio of more than 170 patents worldwide and an additional 260 patents pending, has been lauded for his work in silicon photonics technology. His innovation is set to revolutionize high-speed connectivity, greatly enhancing the speed and reliability of data transfer within and between datacenters. Datacenters are crucial for powering the technology that people rely on every day from accessing websites to streaming videos and storing data.

“GF’s patents and awards are the result of our commitment to emerging technology and innovation,” said Gregg Bartlett, chief technology officer of GF. “The GFX Prize program recognizes a truly exceptional group of innovators, pursuing the highest standards of excellence, aligned to GF values. This year’s finalists and Dr. Bian have made significant contributions to GF and their creativity and ingenuity helps GF push the boundaries of what is possible.”

“I am deeply proud to be the first GFX Prize winner,” said Dr. Bian. “Recognizing the work of GF inventors through Patent Week is important since our inventions drive GF innovation and its technology roadmap. Through Patent Week and beyond, GF encourages its global employees to be truly innovative and supports inventors to pursue patenting.”

Launched in 2023, as a part of GF Patent Week, the GFX Prize program supports a company-wide culture of inventorship and innovation by providing employees with the resources and mentorship needed to navigate the patenting process. GF’s inventors play a critical role in driving the company’s technology roadmap and advancing platform innovation for the industry and its customers. Of more than 500 inventions submitted in 2022, only the top five nominees were chosen as the most exceptional inventions.

In addition to the GFX Prize, GF Patent Week recognizes a yearly Master Inventor class as well as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Inventorship Champion. This year, six new Master Inventors from the U.S., India, and Europe were recognized by GF. As the highest honor of inventorship at GF, the title of Master Inventor is reserved for employees with at least 20 issued U.S. patents and who have a demonstrated track record of technical accomplishments and intellectual property (IP) asset creation. Now in its sixth year, the program is an elite platform that enhances prolific inventors’ abilities to lead and inspire IP asset creation for the company.

To support an inclusive inventing culture, GF recognized Laura Silverstein, an integration engineer based at the company’s facility in Burlington, Vermont, as its DEI in Inventorship Champion. The recipient of this award is nominated for their hard work in creating a new and more diverse generation of inventors.

News Source: GlobalFoundries