Qorvo and SK Siltron CSS Announce Long-Term Silicon Carbide (SiC) Supply Agreement

Date: 18/11/2022
Qorvo and SK Siltron CSS have finalized a multi-year supply agreement for silicon carbide (SiC) bare and epitaxial wafers.

This agreement will promote domestic semiconductor supply chain resilience and a greater ability to support the rapidly rising demand for advanced silicon carbide solutions, specifically in the automotive market. This agreement will also provide end-user customers a level of protection and confidence as customers adopt Qorvo's industry leading Gen 4 SiC FET solutions.

SiC devices are more efficient at handling high powers and conducting heat than traditional silicon. When used in electric vehicle (EV) system components, this allows for a more efficient transfer of electricity from the battery to the motor, increasing the driving range of an EV by 5% to 10%.