Price crash: NAND 15-20%, DRAM 13-18% in 4th quarter of 2022

Date: 05/10/2022
Amid the glut of NAND Flash memories and DRAM, the prices are eroding. TrendForce said NAND flash prices to drop by 30-35% in 3Q22. and further to decline by 15-20% in 4Q22.

TrendForce said PC client SSD pricing is estimated to decline by 15~20% in 4Q22 and the price of enterprise SSD is forecast to drop by 15-20% in 4Q22. Emmc prices to go down by 13-18% in 4Q22 and UFS prices to decline by 13~18%.

NAND Flash wafer pricing in 4Q22 is estimated to fall 20-25% QoQ.

TrendForce finds DRAM Q4 prices to drop by 13~18% in 4th Q 2022. DDR5 to drop more than DDR4. However penetration rate of DDR5 in the PC DRAM to up by 13~15% in 4Q22. PC DRAM pricing in 4Q22 is estimated to drop by approximately 10~15%.

DDR5 to officially enter mass production in 4Q22 with sample pricing dropping by 25~30% compared with sample pricing in the previous quarter, says TrendForce. Server DRAM prices are estimated to drop by approximately 13~18% in 4Q22.

The price of mobile DRAM is estimated to drop by approximately 13~18% in 4Q22 and it may continue to deteriorate.

In terms of Graphics DRAM, TrendForce expects decline of GDDR6 8Gb in 4Q22 may be higher than GDDR6 16Gb, lowering prices by approximately 10~15%.

In terms of consumer DRAM, DDR3 and DDR4 prices are expected to drop by 10-15% in 4Q22 and overall consumer prices will drop by 10-15%.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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