Semikron-Danfoss uses Dupont' laminates for its automotive power modules

Date: 04/10/2022
DuPont wins a multiyear contract order to supply its extreme weather withstanding Pyralux AP polyimide double sided copper clad laminate to Semikron-Danfoss. Semikron-Danfoss to use Pyralux in its power modules' eMPack for electric vehicles.

Pyralux AP copper clad laminates are very tough withstanding harsh weather conditions. The adhesive-less flexible circuit feature flammability rating of UL 94-V0 and can withstand up to a temperature of 200°C and is certified to IPC 4204A/11.

All-polyimide dielectric layer made boards are selected for meeting or exceeding the requirements in case of thermal resistance, durability, bond strength, low dissipation loss characteristics, electrical performance. These boards are designed to deliver high signal integrity.

Pyralux AP’s dielectric thickness tolerance and low coefficient of thermal expansion make it ideal for rigid flex or multiple layer flex applications.

"Pyralux AP emerged as our best-fit solution after extensive testing and because the product has demonstrated three decades of stable, reliable performance in a variety of industries where operating conditions, like ours, are severe,” said Karl-Heinz Gaubatz, CTO of Semikron. “eMPack is a perfect fit to SiC MOSFET power modules. We look forward to working with DuPont and their Pyralux technology to help eMPack become a global leader in EV power modules.”

Semikron-Danfoss supplies silicon-carbide MOSFET or full silicon-carbide technology-based modules for automotive traction applications to leading automotive OEMs. Semikron uses double side sintered assembly and connection technology called Direct Pressed Die (DPD).

“We are excited how this EV power module application of Pyralux AP copper clad laminate supports a sustainable and electrified future to help preserve our planet for generations to come,” said Andy Kannurpatti, Global Business Director, Films & Laminates, DuPont Interconnect Solutions. “The eMPack power module is expected to enable millions of next-gen electric vehicles by 2032. We look forward to contributing significantly to the much-anticipated success of eMPack and appreciate the collaboration with Semikron-Danfoss.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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