Valeo and CEA to jointly research on electric vehicle power electronics

Date: 21/09/2022
Valeo and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) agree to collaborate on the next generations of power electronics used in electric vehicles (Evs).

These two companies together research on improving driving range of electric vehicles by designing efficient power electronics. They also to work on optimising power transmission train and bring down the weight of power electronics systems.

Valeo to offer its expertise in power electronics. Whereas CEA to provide its expertise in the semiconductors and materials domain. CEA also to provide its services in defining and designing digital twins, in order to optimise the conversion electronics .

Xavier Dupont, President of Valeo’s Powertrain Systems Business Group, said: “The world of mobility is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, leading to a significant acceleration in electrification. Valeo is at the heart of this transformation, and this new collaboration with the CEA in the field of power electronics will enable us to further accelerate in electrification, offering the best technologies while at the same time addressing the challenge of carbon neutrality.“

Sébastien Dauvé, Chief Executive Officer of CEA-Leti, commented, “This agreement demonstrates CEA’s commitment to the key challenges related to vehicle electrification. The partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to support the industry, which focuses on the design of innovative power components all the way through to the development of high-performance conversion systems. We are delighted to support Valeo’s strategy and our teams are highly motivated by the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.“

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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