PCI-SIG certified Achronix FPGA accelerator card built using Speedster7t

Date: 20/09/2022
PCI-SIG has certified VectorPath S7t-VG6 accelerator card from FPGA maker Achronix Semiconductor. PCI-SIG also added Achronix to the CEM Add-In card integrators list supporting PCIe Gen4 x16.

Achronix has developed already shipping VectorPath S7t-VG6 accelerator cards jointly with Molex owned BittWare, where they can be used as computing accelerators for AI, ML, networking and data center applications.

"Achronix is an important, strategic partner for BittWare. The Speedster7t FPGA has an innovative architecture that provides significant differentiation in the high-performance FPGA market segment," said Craig Petrie, VP of sales and marketing at BittWare. "Designers can now use the VectorPath accelerator card in PCIe Gen4-based systems with the confidence of PCI-SIG certification."

The FPGA powering this card is Speedster7t AC7t1500. Speedster7t AC7t1500 features what Achronix claims as FPGA industry's first two-dimensional network on chip or 2D NoC. High-speed data interface is supported by this chip by having interfaces of 400G Ethernet, PCIe Gen5 and 112G SerDes. 4 Tbps of memory bandwidth is possible by Speedster7t FPGAs supporting high-bandwidth GDDR6 memory interfaces. Achronix claims this programmable chip is the only FPGA family supporting low-cost GDDR6 memory.

Speedster7t FPGAs has built-in exclusive machine learning processors (MLPs) with high-speed mathematical computation capability to handle AI/ML processing workloads. MLPs deliver 61 TOPs of processor performance.

"As the only independent supplier of both high-performance FPGAs and eFPGA IP, the Achronix VectorPath accelerator cards provide customers an easy way to evaluate and go to production with Achronix Speedster7t FPGA" said Steve Mensor, VP of marketing at Achronix. "Passing PCI-SIG certification is a significant milestone that validates our technology and gives customers confidence that our FPGA technology can be used in their production applications."
Pricing and Availability

The VectorPath accelerator card is list priced at $8,495 and can be purchased directly from Achronix.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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