Semiconductor equipment maker Lam Research expands in Bangalore

Date: 19/09/2022
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker Lam Research is expanding its operations in India by opening its advanced research facility in Bangalore, India. This new centre to do research and development , engineering and testing of semiconductor wafer fabrication hardware and software used in the creation of next-generation semiconductor memory as well as logic device manfuacturing equipments. This facility is an integral part of the Lam's leading-edge network of labs around the world. It has five highly advanced research labs in the world.

"We are proud to build on our long-standing presence in India with the opening of our new, world-class Center for Engineering," said Tim Archer, president and CEO of Lam Research. "This important facility is an expansion of Lam's R&D operations and will play a critical role in the creation of new technologies needed in a time of rising semiconductor manufacturing complexity. It enables us to capitalize on the tremendous pool of technical talent in India as we strive to solve our customers' biggest challenges."

Lam hire multidisciplinary engineers, where majority is from mechanical and electrical engineering stream who going to work on plasma and materials science research. They also have a software team to develop AI powered software systems to control and manage semiconductor equipments. Lam research is more into deposition and etch technologies of semiconductor wafer processing. The new lab to use Virtual reality to have a digital twin of the real physical equipment/machine.

"Since opening our first facility in India two decades ago, the ingenuity and dedication of our engineering and operations teams here have been key to the development of innovations that have helped propel the advancement of semiconductor technology," said Rangesh Raghavan, Lam Research's India corporate vice president and general manager. "I would like to thank our employees in India and around the world for their work to help to make this new, state-of-the art facility a reality."

Lam already has two facilities in Bangalore working in the areas of software and hardware engineering and support for Lam's global manufacturing operations.

Along with this announcement, Lam also said it has provided scholarships for three female students to pursue their engineering studies in India.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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