UK-based VLSI design Co. Sondrel opens new office in Hyderabad, India

Date: 19/09/2022
UK-based chip design services company Sondrel announces opening of its new office in the city of Hyderabad, India. Sondrel opened its first office in India at Cyberpearl in 2018. Sondrel sees India's Centre has become a core strategic element. With this second office Sondrel to increase its capacity of its Indian team and expand its turnkey ASIC VLSI semiconductor design services.

The new office to have people from engineering, innovation, and architecture, along with important back-office operations like talent acquisition and human resources. As a better alternative to work from home for its employees, the new office supports staff strength of 60 employees.

Satish Sunkari, Sondrel's Regional Head for Engineering, says, “We want the culture of all of our offices to be consistent and for everyone to look forward to going to work each day and working with their colleagues. Since we spend a lot of time at work, great care has been taken to match the new office's amenities with those in Sondrel locations around the world.”

COO, Lee Thomas of Sondrel said “We have seen the team in Hyderabad expand from a small team of Physical Design engineers to having skill sets covering all the major engineering disciplines. Our lease at Cyberpearl ended during Covid and with continual waves we could not predict when life was going to get back to normal. This gave us the opportunity to look for a larger, higher specification building to support our projected growth plans. We are finally there with India, like our other Sondrel locations, navigating the path to living with Covid and Hybrid working. We know the benefits that having an office bring to team working and career development so are extremely excited that we will be opening our new facilities in September. The leadership at Sondrel, both locally and internationally, are looking forward to welcoming the team back."

Company says in its release "We are already making use of the office space by hosting a networking event on the 20th of September organised by Prudhvi Reddy and our management team who hope to connect like-minded engineers in Hyderabad and share what work we're currently doing at Sondrel. Over the next few years, our India team is anticipated to expand even further as we hire for a range of positions, including DFT, Design, Verification, and Physical Design engineers. The fresh opportunities this site will offer to our team and new talent really excites us. You can visit our current vacancies here: Hyderabad Vacancies"

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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