Smart electric vehicle charger from Schneider choose green energy on priority

Date: 06/09/2022
Schneider Electric has unveiled what it calls has revolutionary Evlink Home Smart Charger at IFA 2022. The smart charger can be integrated into home energy management system to intelligently manage heavy EV energy load at home where it can be programmed to select renewable energy sources on high priority. By having home energy management system, people at home can control all of the electrical devices at home from a single application. From the same application they can also monitor the power consumption of every device at home.

Evlink Home Smart charger is a complete eco system of home energy management to monitor EV power consumption in real-time, predict spending, and set budgets with ease with four different modes: ‘charge now’, ‘green charging’, ‘cost effective’, and ‘customized schedule’.

Due to growth in use of electric cars and bikes, there is a significant rise in electric power consumption at home. After deciding to buy electric vehicles to save the environment from carbon emissions, environment conscious users of EVs preferred to charge electric vehicles using green source of energy. Schneider Electric enables such possibility with its Evlink Home Smart charger. Evlink Home Smart charger connect seamlessly and fully integrate with Schneider Electric’s Wiser Home Energy Management system, through which users have the freedom to control how and when their EV is charged and balance charging against other energy guzzling devices, via their mobile whenever they need to, wherever they are.

Wiser has another interesting feature called ‘cost effective’ mode, where it can efficiently schedule and connect devices to utilise cheapest electricity tariff available on anytime of the day. Wiser allows owners/residents of the home to set energy limits so that it stops the device from consuming any energy when the consumption reaches the power limit contract.

Wiser also does load balancing automatically to enable minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

By 2023 users will be given ‘green mode’ to fully dependent on renewable energy. "For example, if solar energy is available, the system will automatically switch to this source. Additionally, when solar power is at its peak conversion time, your EV can be set to charge at this time, avoiding having to use costly grid energy." stated in the release.

There is also smart phone App to track CO2 consumption and decide where exactly further savings can be made.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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