Renesas' acquisition-radar picks high potential ADAS expert Steradian

Date: 05/09/2022
The acquisition eye/radar of a Japanese semiconductor company detects a Bangalore India based high potential start-up company who is into advanced driver assistance systems technology.

Steradian Semiconductor, a 4D imaging radar based self driving technology provider for automotives to be acquired by world's number-one automotive specific microcontroller and other semiconductor chip maker Renesas. Renesas to acquire Steradian for an undisclosed sum through an all-cash transaction. Renesas was working closely in industrial applications with steradian since 2018.

Steradian Semiconductor developed a unique radar technology detecting lot more things on the road compared to other radar systems, such as detecting bridges, vehicle under the bridge, and manholes. Steradian's radar provides true elevation, size/shape of the objects in real time more accurately and precisely with centimetre resolution and 1° angular resolution. In ADAS Systems, compared to Lidar and Camera, radar detects objects during rainy/foggy weather and any such adverse environmental conditions both during day and night. For foolproof safety, hig-rel ADAS systems going for both and radar LiDAR and camera. Market researcher Straits Research says radar-based ADAS to dominate the global advanced driver assistance system market which was valued at USD 52.40 billion in 2021, and it is anticipated to reach USD 202.8 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 18.43%.

Girish Rajendran, CEO of Steradian holds cache of patents related to radio-based architectures, he is expert in LTE and such high-end wireless technologies . The other key team members includes Apu Sivadas, Ashish Lachhwani, Rakesh Kumar, Alok Joshi, all have rich experience in RF and other wireless technologies mainly the semiconductor domain.

“Radar is an indispensable technology for ADAS, which uses a complex combination of various sensors,” said Hidetoshi Shibata, President and CEO of Renesas. “The addition of Steradian's superb radar technology and engineering talent will allow us to extend our leadership in the automotive segments. We will also leverage their technology for industrial applications to drive our mid- to long-term business growth in both segments.”

"Renesas' industry-leading portfolio of embedded solutions and broad customer base serve as an ideal foundation to maximize Steradian’s radar technology worldwide,” said Gireesh Rajendran, CEO of Steradian. “By working together with the Renesas team, we will continue to develop innovative radar solutions that deliver the high performance, small footprint and low power consumption that our customers desire.”

Steradian makes both modules and Radar IC chips. The CMOS Milli-meter wave Imaging high-resolution MIMO RADAR Chips (SVR4410 and SVR4414) were fabricated using TSMC 28 nm process node. SVR4414 IC operates in frequency band of 76 to 81GHz. Steradian also supports developers with software stack for object recognition.

Renesas to start sample shipment of new radar ICs developed by leveraging Steradian's design assets and expertise by the end of 2022. Renesas also suggests to adopt Steradian's radar technology in home security systems, traffic monitoring for people cars and motorcycles. These radars can also be used for gesture recognition and act as touchfree user interface to access public systems at airport terminals.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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