STMicro and trinamiX to demonstrate full facial authentication at IFA 2022

Date: 26/08/2022
STMicroelectronics and trinamiX, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE Have collaborated on a reference design for face authentication. The solution intend to provide security for mobile payments made behind an OLED screen. These companies to live-demonstrate this solution at IFA 2022 in Berlin on September 2-6.

This contactless solution consists of camera module made using ST’s global-shutter image sensor with enhanced near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity (VD56G3) and a processor running with trinamiX’s patent-protected algorithms.

This system authenticates user taking less time and also reliably differentiate between living person and any other hacks such as photos/masks and any deep fakes by having ability to detect the skin.

“The collaboration with ST provides us with very small, high-performance image sensors at a competitive price point. This is particularly important for our products in the consumer electronics sector,” said Stefan Metz, Head of Smartphone Business Asia at trinamiX. “Furthermore, trinamiX Face Authentication can fully operate behind OLED while maintaining the highest security levels. If required, the high NIR sensitivity of ST’s image sensors supports the easy integration of our solution behind display.” According to Metz, smartphone manufacturers are thus offered a powerful, attractive package: “During the development of our smartphone reference design, we focused on particularly compact hardware sizes without compromising the performance.”

“ST’s advanced image sensors use the company’s process technologies that enable class-leading pixel size while offering both high sensitivity and low crosstalk, delivering significant improvements in performance, size, and system integration. The collaboration with trinamiX provides ST with additional opportunities to extend our support to technologies, use cases, and ecosystems addressing the thriving under-display market in Personal Electronics and beyond,“ said David Maucotel, Head of the Personal Electronics, Industrial and Mass Market Product Business Line at ST’s Imaging Sub-Group.

trinamiX Face Authentication is already approved for Android integration and certified according to the high biometric security requirements of Android Biometric Class 3, IIFAA Biometric Face Security Test Requirement, and FIDO Level C – the FIDO alliance’s soon-to-be top standard.

Appointments with the company representatives at the fair can be made by emailing to

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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