Top electronic component distributors Mouser and Digi Key expand facilities

Date: 22/08/2022
The U.S.-based leading component distributors Mouser and Digi-Key are expanding their distribution facility infrastructure in US. Digi Key celebrated the ribbon-cutting of its distribution centre, where it expanded its headquarters footprint by 2.2 million square feet to have a more then 3 million square feet of space located in the state of Minnesota, US. With this expansion, Digi-Key can ship three times of its daily average of 27,000 packages to its component buyers around the world. The new facility is fully automated except for picking up the part by hand.

Digi-Key celebrated the event in presence of its carrier partners DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS who ceremonially received first package of handoffs. Instead of ribbon for ceremonial ribbon-cutting, Digi-Key executives used tape from Digi-Key's customised "Digi-Reel". A Digi-Reel is a custom set of uninterrupted belt section on reel made by a manufacturer's roller.

"This is a significant milestone for all Digi-Key employees and our community," said Dave Doherty, president of Digi-Key. "Our new product distribution center expansion will help us continue to deliver excellence to our customers for many years to come. As exciting as this expansion is for us, our hope is that our customers truly don't notice a difference the transition for them should be seamless, and if anything, result in an even better customer service experience than they are already accustomed to. For us, it's deeper roots in Thief River Falls and a commitment to continue investing in this community and the state of Minnesota."

During this boom of semiconductor and electronic component growth, Digi-Key too benefited significantly in terms of revenue growth and new supplier addition . In the year 2021, Digi-Key registered a 65% growth rate and 2022 bookings are up by more than 25% compared to 2021. Company has added 250 new suppliers in 2022.

Another leading distributor Mouser has announced that it has broke ground on a 416,000-square-foot, three-story building that will expand its distribution center, located south of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. After completion of the new construction, Mouser's 78 acre global distribution centre to have almost 1.5 million square feet to store its huge inventory of components from around 1200 manufacturers. Mouser also said it has completed installation of 120 vertical lift modules (VLMs), the largest VLM installation in the world. These vertical lift modules are basically filing cabinets with shelves and automated component/device extractor. Mouser intend to reduce the walking time of its staff by 45% by increasing efficiency and floor space. Mouser also employs a sophisticated sealing and labelling systems, with the ability to process 14 orders per minute.
Mouser Electronics doesn't disclose its revenue in public statements. However it can be estimated its revenues in the range of billions of dollars and a growth rate close to industry average. However it has disclosed adding of 113 new manufacturers in 2021.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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