Semiconductor material news update: Entegris, ShinEtsu, Globalwafers

Date: 10/07/2022
The Leading vendors in the semiconductor manufacturing material industry benefiting from the growing demand in semiconductor chips investing into acquisitions, technology innovation and new manufacturing plants. Along with the demand for basic silicon semiconductor material, the demand for compound semiconductor materials, metals and alloys, and processing chemicals is growing.

Below are the some of the latest happenings in this industry:

Entegris has completed its acquisition of CMC Materials, an expert in planarisation solutions. Entegris acquired CMC paying $6.5 billion. The company said in its release it will operate in four divisions. The four divisions named by Entegris are:
Microcontamination Control (MC), will continue to include the Liquid Microcontamination Control, Gas Microcontamination Control and New Markets business units;
Specialty Chemicals and Engineered Materials (SCEM), will include Entegrisí Advanced Deposition Materials, Specialty Chemicals, Specialty Materials and Gases and Surface Prep and Integration business units (all of which were part of the SCEM division). It will also include CMC Materialsí International Test Solutions (ITS), as well as Performance Materials operations, Pipeline and Industrial Materials (PIM) and QED;
Advanced Materials Handling (AMH), will continue to include Wafer Handling, Fluid Handling, Sensing and Control, Liquid Packaging and Life Sciences business units;
And the new Advanced Planarization Solutions (APS) Division, which will include an end-to-end suite of CMP solutions, including CMC Materialsí CMP Slurries, CMP Pads and Electronic Chemicals businesses, as well as Entegrisí Post CMP Cleans, Pad Conditioners, CMP Slurries and Brushes business lines.
Its expanded executive leadership includes:
Bertrand Loy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Besnard, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer
Olivier Blachier, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Joe Colella, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Greg Graves, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Clint Haris, Senior Vice President and President, Microcontamination Control
Jim OíNeill, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Sue Rice, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources
Neil Richards, Senior Vice President, Global Operations, Supply Chain and Quality
Bill Shaner, Senior Vice President and President, Advanced Materials Handling
Stuart Tison, Senior Vice President and President, Specialty Chemicals and Engineered Materials
Dann Woodland (formerly of CMC Materials), Senior Vice President and President, Advanced Planarization Solutions

Leading semiconductor wafer vendor GlobalWafers has announced that it will invest $5 billion 2 billion semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant in Texas in United States. The new plant to start producing 300 mm silicon wafers by the end of 2022.

Another wafer supplier Shin-Etsu announced some technology innovations for different markets.

Shin-Etsu and Taiwan based Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) have jointly developed an encapsulant material for Mini LED displays, where this encapsulant material is adaptable for use in various types of Mini LED displays developed by ITRI. Shin-Etsu has already started sampling this product to the market.

In another technology innovation announcement Shin-Etsu said it has developed a high-strength inorganic thin-film coating liquid with excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties suitable for surface functionalization of building materials, particularly exhibit high antiviral activity against a novel coronavirus.

The new material commercially named as Tersus Series uses Shin-Etsu Chemicalís own unique silicate as an ingredient, is a coating liquid that forms a transparent thin film of natural finish that does not interfere with the building materialsí design.
Since it is water-based coating liquid , it does not produce any offensive odors or adverse effects on the human body at the time of application operation, which in the case with an organic-solvent-base becomes an issue, Said in the release.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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