pSemi' mmwave beamformer and up-down converter IC are production ready

Date: 05/07/2022
pSemi announces the production readiness of its PE188200 beamformer IC (n257 band) and PE128300 up-down converter IC targeted for active antenna systems in 5G base stations, 5G customer premises equipment and point-to-point radio communication applications. pSemi says the new RF SOI Ics are the latest in its mmWave portfolio that offers full IF-to-RF coverage across the n257, n258, and n260 bands in the industry’s smallest form factors.

“As the n257 band reaches global mainstream use, pSemi is pleased to introduce a suite of mmWave products and tools to support this growing demand. With an established history in high-frequency semiconductor innovation and manufacturing, pSemi has the expertise and infrastructure required to deliver mmWave solutions with the performance and quality our customers and partners can trust.” says Vikas Choudhary - Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

The PE188200 beamformer IC (n257 band) and PE128300 up-down converter IC (n257, n258 band) offer a wide range of features and benefits to 5G FR2 system designers, including:

Smallest footprint per channel – Monolithically integrated RF SOI Ics with the industry’s smallest form factors make it easy to build large arrays without the need for extra routing.
Full IF-to-RF coverage – Up-down converters can be paired with up to four pSemi beamformers to support massive-MIMO, hybrid-beamforming and other active antenna configurations.

Additionally, the PE188200 8-channel beamformer IC offers:

Flexible antenna design – The 8-channel beamformer IC supports four dual-polarized or eight single-polarity antenna elements, and scaled configurations for optimum array gain, EIRP, and antenna directivity.
Beamforming accuracy – Linear POUT at the desired EVM with low RMS phase and amplitude error for increased array gain and antenna directivity ensures accurate beamforming.

Additionally, the PE128300 dual-channel up-down converter IC offers:

Highly integrated solution – Industry’s first dual-channel up-down converter saves expensive real estate with the smallest footprint.
Low power consumption – Best-in-class up-down converter IC performance enables more efficient system thermal management.
Minimize system impairments – Optimal I/Q balance adjustment and minimal LO leakage results in improved EVM performance.

pSemi also offers a complete support package of software tools and technical expertise to help customers get up to speed working with our beamformer Ics, up-down converter Ics, or arrayed combinations of both.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)– The software GUI assures proper operation of register programming for effective, efficient code implementation.
API Integration – Optimize your performance across channels with our GUI and API integration. Speed up software development and demonstration by embedding pSemi software within customer-specific code.
Comprehensive User’s Manual – Thorough user’s manual for each product contains register programming requirements and operational details.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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