Ashling and Embecosm enter fifth year of RISC-V tool offering

Date: 04/07/2022
Ashling and Embecosm are into the fifth year of their partnership in developing RISC V based tools including Compilers, IDEs, Debuggers, SDKs and Debug and Trace probes. Both the companies have membership in OpenHW Group, to collaborate on the development of a RISC-V based Development Kit and SDK).

In today’s world, using configurable processor core IP such as RISC-V or Arm, it is possible to build highly customized devices which are designed to meet specific application needs. Off-the-shelf, “generic” software development tools will not allow full utilization of the capabilities of these devices and to get the absolute best performance, minimal power-consumption and comprehensive debug features and visibility requires a highly tailored, optimised toolset designed to take advantage of all the compelling unique features of the specific device, stated in the release by Ashling.

Ashling and Embecosm are partnering in making available customized and optimized toolchain (RiscFree) for RISC-V devices including a Compiler, IDE, SDK, Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Multi-core Debugger, Simulator and Hardware Debug & Trace Probes all of which are aware of and can take advantage of the devices specific features such as Multiple Cores, Microarchitecture (e.g. Instruction Set Extensions, Pipelines, Cache, Memory Configuration, Execution Ordering and Branch Prediction), Debug Features (e.g. Trace & Cross-triggering, Cache & OS/RTOS awareness), Co-processors and Custom Peripherals.

“We continue to be excited to have Embecosm as a long-term partner. With its market-leading cross-compiler tool chain technology and world-class development team, it is a natural extension to Ashling’s Tools as a Service (TaaS) model and over our five years partnership, we have had and continue to have many satisfied customers”, said Hugh O’Keeffe, CEO of Ashling.

Embecosm being expert in Compiler Toolchains complements Ashling’s RISC-V tools offerings.

“We are delighted that our partnership with Ashling is already providing their RISC-V customers with a wider portfolio of services. Our combined strengths, drawing on Embecosm’s track record in collaborative open-source development, are creating flexibility in the market with a wider range of delivery options to benefit the customer”, commented Jeremy Bennett, CEO of Embecosm.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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