Allegro to acquire Heyday Integrated Circuits

Date: 02/06/2022
Motion control ICs and sensor maker Allegro MicroSystems to acquire Heyday Integrated Circuits by paying $19 million. Heyday is a specialist in making compact fully-integrated isolated gate drivers for power switching FETs. Heyday' gate drivers are built on CMOS silicon technology and can drive MOSFETs as well as the new wide bandgap GaN and SiC FETs.

Allegro says Heyday acquisition will complement its existing solutions for energy efficiency, including its market-leading current sensor solutions. Additionally, it is expected to significantly expand Allegro’s addressable market for electric vehicles (xEV), solar inverters, datacenter and 5G power supplies, and broad-market industrial applications.

Quoting industry analysts and internal estimates, Allegro sees these advanced gate drive solutions give it a new access to an estimated $2.7 billion high-growth serviceable available market, increasing Allegro’s content opportunity in green energy applications such as xEV on-board chargers and solar and traction inverters.

“With high-powered GaN and SiC wide bandgap systems expected to grow significantly over the next decade, our customers are facing an exponential demand for simplified power management solutions,” said Michael Doogue, Senior Vice President of Technology and Products at Allegro. “High-voltage isolated gate drivers are a fundamental enabling technology for the future of high-efficiency power system designs. Coupled with our market-leading integrated current sensors, Heyday’s Power-ThruTM technology will allow our customers to build some of the smallest high-voltage and high efficiency power systems available today.”

"Heyday’s isolated gate driver solutions use a single, small-footprint package that integrates an isolated gate driver, an isolated power supply, and associated passive components. This significantly reduces system design time and complexity and makes it possible for designers to take advantage of the full efficiency benefits that WBG switches provide. Additionally, the reduced system design time and complexity help alleviate the need for additional engineering and design resources." explained in the release by Allegro.

"We look forward to welcoming Heyday's talented and innovative team to the Allegro family," said Vijay Mangtani, Vice President of Power Ics at Allegro. "When completed, this acquisition will greatly accelerate our efforts to deliver a market-leading energy efficient technology platform for high voltage designs in green energy, advanced mobility, and motion control solutions."

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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