Takachiho Koheki to sell OnMicro' RF SoCs in Japan market

Date: 01/06/2022
OnMicro has entered a distribution agreement with Japanese Electronics distributor Takachiho Koheki (TK), where Takachiho Koheki (TK) to represent OnMicro and promote its RF front-end and SoC products throughout the Japan market.

"RF front-end Ics and Bluetooth SoCs are key building blocks of today's consumer electronics and IoT devices," said Daisuke Ichikawa, Executive Officer and General Manager of E Solution Dept. of Takachiho Koheki. "OnMicro's high performance products and high-volume capability can help our customers reduce long lead time and ease the shortage situation in some cases."

"OnMicro is honored to work with Takachiho Koheki (TK)," said Bruce Qian, CEO of OnMicro. "By leveraging TK's excellent technical knowledge and deep customer relationships with Japanese electronics companies, we hope to expand OnMicro's penetration in the Japan Market."

Founded in 1952, Takachiho Koheki (TK) is one of Japan's leading distributors of electronics components and systems. TK has over 60 years' experience in promoting advanced technologies into the Japanese market and gives its partners the vital support necessary to make their products a success. TK has experience in a wide range of high-tech fields, including hardware, software, systems integration and cutting-edge emerging technologies. Today, TK's distribution channels cover advanced computer networks, semiconductors, industrial products, surveillance systems, automated mailing systems and much more.

OnMicro is a fabless semiconductor design company designing mobile front-end Ics, modules and switches.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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