Delivary robots gettting promoted from indoor to outdoor

Date: 15/12/2020
Robots are doing fantastic job in delivering goods and materials and other things inside a closed building. Now companies are venturing to let them handle the delivery in outdoor environment.

A self driving robot from Panasonic is on the public roads from the month of November and continue the activity until the end of year 2020. From the month of February 2021 onwards the same robot
will start home-delivering food and other things. During this Covid pandemic, it is becoming important to have contactless delivery as as a safety precaution.

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Panasonic and other involved companies, residents and organisations working from past six years to operate Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, seeking to improve the quality of life in the town since its opening in 2014.

Panasonic leveraging its technical capabilities in designing autonomous-driving robots and ride-sharing services for this project. This test utilises a smartphone app to communicate across all the stakeholders.

This initiative is part of the Japanís Action Plan of the Growth Strategy (July 2020), which outlines the countryís policy of conducting demonstration drives of remote monitoring/operation-type delivery robots on public roads so low-speed and compact autonomous-driving robots can be implemented in society.

However Panasonic said it has not obtained a road-use permit from relevant ministries and agencies for the Phase 2 test of the delivery service.

In another case, 2 feet tall cart like 6-wheel robots fitted with cameras, radars, and ultrasonics are delivering food in the Arizona State University' Tempe campus. These robots are launched as a result of partnership between Starship Technologies and Sun Devil Dining.

They move on the roads just like humans stopping at crosswalks, avoiding bikes, people.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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