PTC to acquire SaaS product development software vendor Arena

Date: 15/12/2020
PTC has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Arena Solutions for $715 million in cash to support PTC’s strategy to become the leader in the rapidly-growing market for SaaS-based product development software.

"A year ago, PTC entered the SaaS world for product development software with our acquisition of Onshape,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “That move reflected our strong conviction that our market is nearing a tipping point in its willingness to adopt SaaS technology,following the trend seenin manyother software markets. The effects of COVID-19 have dramatically accelerated this inevitable shift, with PTC customer surveys indicating a 25% increase in readiness for SaaS PLM since the pandemic started. We expect the acquisition of Arena will significantly extend our leadership position as we continue to redefine the future of our industry.”

California based Arena with a high revenue growth rate serve the needs of electronics, high-tech, and medical-device. Nutanix, Peloton, Sonos and Square are some of the customers in its 1200+ list. Its 2020' revenues estimated to reach US$ 50 million.

“As the SaaS PLM pioneer, we were first to see that engineers and product developers would benefit from a new paradigm in the way they collaborate and drive product innovation,”said Craig Livingston, Arena Solutions president and CEO. “We we are ahead of the market in the early days, but in the past several years we’ve seen an acceleration of market receptivity and demand. This acquisition validates our original vision, and we are pleased to be joining an established leader in CAD and PLM capable of hastening the movement of our market to SaaS.”

PTC says "The Arena Solutions product realization platform unifies PLM, quality management, and requirements management, allowing every participant throughout the product design and manufacturing process –as well as across an extended supply chain –to work together in a secure, high availability cloud environment."

“This acquisition is the logical next step in PTC’s strategy to be the industrial SaaS leader,” continued Heppelmann. “A big first stepwas the acquisition of Onshape, the SaaS leader in CAD and collaborative design capabilities. Arena will enable us to round out the solution with full PLM capabilities and deliver the only complete CAD + PLM SaaS solution in the industry.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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