PUF to secure embedded flash in UMC made MCUs

Date: 15/12/2020
NVM memory IP expert eMemory' subsidiary PUFsecurity, and world's 3rd biggest semiconductor foundry UMC have jointly developed world’s first Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) based secure embedded flash memory devices. UMC’s 55nm embedded flash technology will be integrated with eMemory’s NeoPUF using PUFsecurity’s PUFflash which has a built-in PUF-based Root of Trust (PUFrt) for enhanced security.

“PUFsecurity's digital design of PUFflash has simplified the combination of PUF and embedded flash” said Michael Ho, Vice President of Business Development at eMemory. “With the development of PUFflash, we have provided customers an integrated security solution for encrypting and protecting the data in the flash”

"eMemory and PUFsecurity’s PUFflash is a welcome resource for our embedded Flash customers wishing to customize their Ics to serve IoT and other markets that require robust security features," said T H Lin, Division Director of IP Development & Design Support at UMC. "We are pleased at the results of this IP collaboration and successful verification on our 55nm ULP eFlash technology platform, as these processes are specifically engineered to address the performance and ultra-low power requirements of IoT applications."

“PUFflash increases the security of MCU and SoC embedded NVM storage, protecting user data and critical firmware assets” said Evans Yang, Executive Vice President at PUFsecurity. “PUFflash can also safeguard a product’s supply chain by preventing counterfeiters from copying chips, thus making product life cycle management easier.”

UMC 55ULP (Ultra Low Power) eFlash platform is used in making microcontroller chips in applications such as chipcard, consumer and automotive.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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