TI made HiRel semicon parts immediately available to buy at TI.com

Date: 10/12/2020
Texas Instruments with a long history of supplying highly reliable semiconductor devices, enabled companies developing aerospace or any such high-rel electronic systems to procure TI made Hi-rel components from its website ti.com. This will greatly help TI customers to save themselves from buying any fake TI manufactured components in the market.

Aerospace and defense grade products available to purchase includes rad-hard and rad-tolerant components in the qualified manufacturers list (QML) available in plastic, ceramic or metallic packages. Purchasers are given the multiple options to select date and lot codes before placing an order.

"Increasingly, customers are developing highly sophisticated satellites and other advanced electronics that must operate in harsh conditions, and our customers expect shorter supplier lead times to meet mission-critical project timelines," said Gary Reichmuth, general manager for aerospace and defense systems at Texas Instruments. "With the vast inventory of our HiRel products available on TI.com, supported with lot selection options and associated documentation, customers will be able to obtain HiRel products and get to production faster than with other semiconductor suppliers."

To help the buyer to know the material content information of components, TI is providing quality, reliability and packaging data download feature on TI.com to obtain detailed ceramic package material information for up to 100 parts at once, as well as details about restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS); registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH); and green status.

TI also stated in its release availability of multiple payment options, and fast reliable shipping in selected countries.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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