Market's first software-only 8K VVC Decoder from sharp

Date: 09/12/2020
Sharp Corporation has announced the development of versatile video coding (VVC) decoder which is also called as H.266 supporting 8K video resolution. VVC achieves higher coding efficiency compared to its predecessor HEVC or H.265. This software only video decoder processes 8K resolution videos in real time.

Versatile video coding is the latest standards in video decoding and compression by the joint video experts team consisting of MPEG working group and VCEG working group. Standards were finalised in mid 2020. The objective of this new standard to have algorithms supporting 30 to 50% better compression rate without sacrificing perceptual quality. As shown in the figure below, the progress to VVC started from MPEG-2 ( basically a standard designed for DVDs) followed by Advanced Video Coding (AVC) supporting Blu-ray discs and than the 4K and 8K resolution supporting HEVC.

Immbg content_201204-a-1.jpg

Sharp says it's 8K real-time VVC decoder is a first software in the world to decode 8K video in real-time. By having this decoder along with other software, and devices, users can display or analyse 8K content compressed using VVC, even if their equipment does not have VVC decoding capabilities.

The combination of 8K video and the 5G communication systems is expected to create a new entertainment market, Sharp says it has been working on various fronts to provide solutions in areas such as equipment for video decoding, codec assessment and analysis, software sales, and joint development with partners for bringing VVC to market.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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