Charge your EV car when electricity is affordable

Date: 24/11/2020
Solar PV inverter and energy management system maker SMA is offering electric vehicle charging solutions in such a way that the charging happens when the energy is affordable. In a home, the electric consumption varies during different times of the day and night. It's not good to charge EV car when the home appliances and other systems at home are consuming maximum power. Similarly there are instances where power consumption is minimal. And the house is build with solar PV energy generators, they produce peak power at different timings. If home is equipped with smart home energy management solution, solar power can be optimally used to consume or store that energy. Storing is expensive but if the storing is through electric vehicle, than that is the best economical way of utilising solar PV.

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SMA is enabling such an idea through its electric vehicle charging system called SMA Charge S. SMA Charge S connect with Audi etron electric car smartly so that electric vehicle becomes part of domestic energy management system.

SMA Charge S is flexible and cost-effective so that it coordinates with electric vehicle charging by considering the requirements of other generators and loads in the household and prioritizes solar power for charging the vehicle.

“SMA Charge S allows SUV Audi e-tron drivers to easily integrate their electric vehicles into the domestic energy management system and use sustainable solar power,” said Dr. Stephan Engel, charging solutions product manager at SMA. “Thanks to SMA Charge S and the Audi e-tron connect charging system, Audi e-tron drivers can charge their vehicles at home flexibly, reliably and in a cost-optimized manner. Just like the other SMA charging solutions, SMA Charge S allows the e-vehicle to be charged with solar power, making e-mobility even more convenient.”

“Coordinated networking between the home and vehicle makes the Audi e-tron an integral part of the smart home,” said Ansgar Neudecker, home charging project manager at AUDI AG. “Seamless integration allows owners to make full use of all the smart charging features – from power outage protection and cost optimization through to solar power utilization. For our customers, this is another important step toward sustainable mobility – and it will be followed by many more.”

Highest available power, preventing overloading, affordability, planned departure time and required state of battery charge, are all considered.

The charging data such as charging time, the cost and amount of electricity and the charging status is provided to Audi customers both in myAudi portal and myAudi app.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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