TDK owned Trusted Positioning to operate as an independent biz unit

Date: 05/11/2020
Precision electronic component maker TDK has decided to keep its group company Trusted Positioning Inc. (TPI) as an independent business unit operating as a independent software solutions business. TPI has new dedicated website

If you look at the history of Trusted Positioning, it was acquired by a company called InvenSense in 2014, which was later acquired by TDK in 2017.

TPI Provides the geo positioning/location tracking solutions by using both GNSS and Wi-Fi. Its inertial navigation software solutions uses the data from inertial sensors such as accelerometers, Gyroscopes, and pressure sensors to increase accuracy of positioning in mobile and wearable devices, and also for any such positioning and tracking applications including ADAS systems in self driving automotives and robotics.TPI has deployed around 50 million of its software solutions worldwide.

TPI Expertise covers inertial navigation, dynamic motion mechanics, geomagnetic positioning, GNSS, BLE, Wi-Fi and other wireless positioning techniques. TPI’s inertial navigation solutions provide reliable and accurate positioning for the autonomous vehicle, automotive infotainment/telematics, robotics, two wheeled micromobility and indoor positioning markets.

TPI offers a product named RIDE for two wheeled micromobility solution for the rental bike and electric scooter industry which identifies return and location of vehicles in urban areas where GPS is less accurate, and facilitates correct orientation of parked bikes to ensure city standards are met.

Another product named TRACK combines GNSS and an IMU in providing accurate dead reckoning for automobile infotainment and telematics systems during GNSS outages in tunnels, underground parking and other sheltered areas.

Its solution called AUTO is designed for autonomous vehicles and robots, where position data is provided using onboard radar and inertial sensors with higher reliability. AUTO is designed to provide all weather decimeter level positioning accuracy in urban areas with limited GPS signal availability.

More interesting than any of the above products, very relevant to today's epedemic situation is its product named VENUE. VENUE contact tracing helps where people are located with respect to dangerous situations.

“Relaunching our business and brand while leveraging a SaaS business model, partnering with major companies around the world and keeping them competitive, marks a strategic move for TPI”, says Chris Goodall, Managing Director and Founder of TPI.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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