Nintendo Switch uses MEMS, MCU and NFC IC from ST

Date: 27/03/2017
Nintendo selected STMicroelectronics' motion sensors, touch-screen controller IC, STM32 microcontroller chips, and NFC controller IC for its new Nintendo Switch system, the latest gaming electronics from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch is designed for home use and can be played anywhere. The systems consists gaming console, two Joy-Con detachable controllers, Joy-Con charging grip and a dock.

Player's motion sensing is achieved using ST’s 6-axis inertial sensors which are embedded in the main console and in the controllers of Nintendo Switch. capacitive touch-screen controller IC from ST is for touch detection.

STM32 Microcontroller (MCU) in a small package is embedded in Joy-Con controller to manage the IR motion camera and the NFC function. Low-power STM32 MCU is embedded in the Joy-Con charging grip that attaches the controllers to meet battery-life constraints while performing signal-processing functions. Another STM32 MCU is embedded in the dock of the main console for power management functions.

The ST NFC controller IC in the Joy-Con controller and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller allows contactless communication using Near Field Communication technology with Nintendo’s amiibo accessories.

“Since Nintendo’s launch of WiiTM in 2006, ST has strengthened its close relationship with Nintendo by delivering advanced semiconductors while expanding our product portfolio to best fit new gaming applications,” said Marco Cassis, Executive Vice President and President of Asia Pacific Region, STMicroelectronics. “We are delighted to have contributed to Nintendo Switch, which is an innovative gaming device that offers a unique user experience through an exciting new approach, with our broad expertise in sensing, processing and connectivity.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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