Date: 13/03/2017

Micron to focus on rugged storage for industrial IOT and smart factories

The U.S. based leading semiconductor memory device maker Micron is collaborating with Germany based hyperstone in making available highly reliable and rugged Flash memory storage solutions targeting industrial IOT market which is driving smart factory movement. Hyperstone's U9 and hyMap Flash translation layer and hyReliability firmware enhances the data endurance and retention offering power failsafe features. Hyperstone's Read Disturb Management and Dynamic Data Refresh features maximize data retention and refresh data that is subject to read disturbance.

There is a significant difference between consumer IOT industrial IOT, where in case of industrial IOT, the reliability and ruggedness of components matters a lot which need to withstand harsh factory weather and also last longer for several years.

Micron to display industry-grade flash memory products at the event "Embedded World" in Germany, which is going to be started from 14th of March 2017.

Some of the products Micron is displaying at the Embedded World event includes:

1. New embedded USB (eU500): This ruggedised memory device offers very fast bootup time, data logging capabilities. eU500 is available in densities of 4 GB to 32 GB. Hyperstone’s U9 - USB 3.1 Flash Memory controller and Flash Management technology is integrated into eU500 embedded universal serial bus device. eU500 is optimized for IoT, for boot drives and data logging applications such as networking, embedded computing and server.

2. Micron is also displaying its new embedded USB for telecom networking and industrial IOT.

3. Micron showcasing industrial solid-state drive and microSD for storing video stream from industrial IP video surveillance systems.