M3 Systems’ GNSS Simulator sold as part of Averna’s AST-1000 RF test platform

Date: 20/02/2017
RF engineering test solutions expert Averna and M3 Systems agreed to distribute M3's StellaNGC GNSS Simulator on VST NI Platforms for the Automotive infotainment market.

M3 Systems’ GNSS Simulator Is made available as part of Averna’s AST-1000 platform, extending its capability to Navigation and GNSS testing.

Averna’s AST-1000 RF solution is designed for Radio, Navigation, Video and Connectivity testing. By using NI VST and featuring Averna’sRF and test expertise, the software-defined AST-1000 supports all common Infotainment RF signals, including AM/FM, DAB, RDS, HD Radio, and Sirius/XM, as well as Navigation (GNSS).

“Averna is uniquely qualified to market and distribute our GNSS Simulator as part of their AST-1000 for the Infotainment segment of the Automotive market,” Marc Pollina, CEO of M3. “Their practical experience in RF testing combined with our GNSS test-and-measurement know-how provides a comprehensive solution and enables unprecedented applications for the testing of Infotainment systems.”

“M3 Systems’ GNSS Simulator is a perfect fit to extend the capability of our AST-1000 for Navigation testing because both instruments are based on the NI VST,” commented Benoit Richard, Vice-President of Strategy, Innovation & Engineering from Averna. “The partnership with M3 Systems gets us one step closer to our objective of an all-in-one platform for the complete validation of Infotainment systems, including Radio, Navigation, Audio/Video, and Connectivity testing.”

“We are excited to see the great synergy between NI Alliance Partners, Averna and M3 Systems in bringing to market an innovative solution based on our NI Vector Signal Transceiver” said Michael Schneider, Principal Product Manager at National Instruments. “With this collaboration, the new AST-1000 platform is well positioned to be a leading test solution for automotive infotainment where it can quickly address customers’ continually evolving requirements.”

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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