Date: 05/01/2017

D-Link to use Sigma's CG5300 chipsets in its powerline products

D-Link collaborating with Sigma to develop an advanced powerline product line for home use, where users can enjoy high-speed internet for online gaming, Ultra high definition 4K (UHD) video and high quality Voice and Video-over-IP calls. technology offers a single standard for connecting networked devices over any existing wired infrastructure (power-line, coax and phone-line) to meet the demands of multi-screen and expanded bandwidth content in today’s homes.

Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe, commented, “Our partnership with Sigma has enabled us to quickly design and develop products that incorporate technology. Users can now easily transfer large files, and enjoy the benefit of uninterrupted 4K media streaming and online gaming.”

CG5300 chipsets are optimized for 4K video and IPTV distribution and advanced multicast systems. These chipsets can be embedded in products such as Connected TVs, DVRs, Thin Client Set-Top Boxes, OTT Gateways, and Blu-ray DVD.

“ is the natural backbone for the home. It is based on a home’s existing wiring and takes the traffic load off of the often over-extended wireless infrastructure to ensure consumers have an easy to install solution to take advantage of the exciting new 4K content and the use of multiple screens,” said Nadav Katsir, vice president home connectivity for Sigma Designs.