Date: 08/11/2016

Voice control is increasingly used in smart home electronics

Natural human controls such as voice control and gesture is preferred over key-button like interface for controlling home appliances in a typical smart home systems technology. Voice control is taking the precedence over the other type of natural controls.

Market Researcher ABI expects the voice control will take the lead in the smart home technology and it finds out the brighter future for the voice control due to the success of devices such as Amazon Echo. ABI finds Amazon Echo to represent almost 30% of smart home device spending by 2021 which entered the market only just one or two years ago.

The further analytics and research points ABI shared on this voice control market are as below:

Voice control will not only draw in new consumers to smart home functionality, but it will help transform a wide variety of new and emerging smart home services and devices into more attractive investments, says Jonathan Collins, Research Director at ABI Research. The stage is set for voice control to become the heart of any smart home system.

Amazons market leadership with its Alexa products and Googles emerging Home platform strategy reflect not just the popularity of voice control devices within the home but also how voice will become a key smart home interface in the still emerging market for smart home managed systems. Alongside Amazon and Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft all have the impetus to bring similar devices and functionality to market.

While voice control will take a greater share of device revenue spending, it is an application that will push into and help drive all smart home markets and device categories. By 2021, more than 600 million smart home devices will ship annually, up from 40 million in 2015.

The ability to integrate and extend voice control throughout the home environment will require many more smart home devices to work seamlessly with voice control offerings, concludes Collins. Over the next five years, a wide range of home device and appliance vendors, as well as the installer and managed smart home systems providers, will have to address how to partner to integrate with voice control platforms.

These findings are from ABI Researchs Home Automation Systems market data, which now, for the first time, includes voice control front-end devices. This report is part of the companies Smart Home sector, which includes research, data, and analyst insights.