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  Date: 25/10/2016

Aquantia and GlobalFoundries collaborate to deliver all copper 100Gbit/s networking

High speed network connectivity expert Aquantia is collaborated with GlobalFoundries to create 100Gbit/s bandwidth all-electrical copper connectivity to connect networking devices between racks upto a distance of 3 Meters. Basically, this will compliment longer range optical connectivity solutions used in hyperscale data centers.

“As a principal engineer in global infrastructure architecture and strategy at LinkedIn, my focus is on designing next generation data centers. I have long believed that 100G connectivity would be widely deployed when it reaches a price point of one dollar per gigabit per second for optical interconnects,” said Yuval Bachar. “Aquantia has come up with a very innovative 100G technology to deliver on lower cost per gigabit utilizing copper connectivity. Lower prices will transform the economics of in rack connectivity in hyper scale data centers, which obviously is of great interest to everyone looking to achieve below one dollar per 1Gbit/s on an accelerated path within the rack.”

“To date, industry watchers have projected that only optical connectivity will serve the needs of 100Gbit/s and beyond. This presents a huge barrier since optical technologies are intrinsically higher cost,” said Faraj Aalaei, CEO of Aquantia. “Our expertise in complex high-speed copper transceivers, coupled with the legacy of robust SerDes leadership with GlobalFoundries’ 14nm FinFET technology will enable a continuous roadmap to the required 100G connectivity and provide our customers with the best combination to differentiate and stay ahead of evolving marketplace demands.”

The joint collaboration is basically aimed at pushing the use of copper cables to maximum data speed where they can leverage reliability, ease of use and low-cost of electrical copper based interconnects instead of optical cables to connect between racks or to connect between systems. Aquantia has used GlobalFoundries’s expertise in manufacturing high speed Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) integrated circuit chips, which are a fundamental building blocks responsible for the transport of data between switches, servers, routers and storage equipment in data centers and IT environments using advanced 14nm Low Power Plus (LPP) process technology.

Under the collaboration, GlobalFoundries is providing access to its 56Gbit/s IP core to Aquantia’s VLSI design team. Aquantia has combined 56Gbit/s IP core with its own patented Mixed-Mode Signal Processing (MMSP) and Multi-Core Signal Processing (MCSP) architecture innovations for high-speed interconnectivity using copper, which it has developed over the past decade to deliver a 100G interconnect high-performance SerDes solution. Aquantia will provide access to its QuantumStream IP to GlobalFoundries for incorporation into its customers’ ASICs.

"To meet the tremendous growth in bandwidth and data demands, GlobalFoundries is continuing its commitment to investing in network and technology enhancements including a best-in-class high-speed SerDes solution that will bring tremendous benefits to our customers," said Mike Cadigan, senior vice president of global sales and business development at GlobalFoundries. “Aquantia’s innovative design expertise in high-speed copper interconnect technologies, combined with our world-class FX-14 ASIC platform and SerDes IP portfolio, will enable the continuation of electrical interconnect paradigms for hyperscale data centers.”
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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