Date: 20/10/2016

Toy testing & certification by TUV Rheinland in its India labs

When we talk about toy, though it is a toy, it is not a negligence market where safety is concerned. The safety is even quite important compared to many markets due to hazards they may cause to kids, if not properly designed and tested. The toy market is also a big market. There is enough market for toys in India. So, to make the toys safer, they need through testing. To make toys safer, TUV Rheinland India is providing testing, training, inspection, consulting & certification, for the toys.

Mr. Charan Singh, Regional Director, Softlines at TUV Rheinland India had shared his views on toy safety and testing at a panel discussion in the recently concluded ‘Kids India 2016’ event held at Mumbai.

“Toys are an important and integral part of growing kids and have always been a challenging market for our manufacturers. We at TÜV Rheinland ensure that these toys are safe to use for kids with our global experience and in-depth expertise,” said Mr. Charan Singh. “Compliance is a must with respect to International standards (for toys exporters to EU etc) and the same might be applicable with respect to standards which we might see in India in coming time. With our services, our customers can build consumer confidence in the quality and safety of their toys, protect children from contaminated and unsafe toys, decrease their risk of liability with documented safety standards and improve their standing in the market with our neutral mark of approval”.

“Parents would love to watch their children play all day - but sometimes, that's just not possible. And as every parent knows, even playtime can have its hidden hazards. The goal of our toy safety testing is to minimize these hazards. We test and certify toys according to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and European-wide standards, like EN 71 and EN 62115. From teddy bears to model trains, the "Toy Directive" applies to all playthings intended for children up to age 14. You can also get a TÜV Rheinland GS mark in combination with your product certification”, added Mr. Charan Singh.