Date: 20/10/2016

HomePlug specs made public after seeing 220M devices deployed

HomePlug Alliance announced its technical specifications for HomePlug AV, AV2 and Green PHY¬ will be made publicly available. HomePlug reported with over 220 million HomePlug supporting devices deployed worldwide.

"As a result of the success, the HomePlug Board of Directors made the decision recently to make the Alliance's broadband power line networking specifications available to a broader audience and at the same time, partner with other alliances with regard to ongoing work."

HomePlug Alliance also announced:
1. The ongoing Netricity¬ work to complete the technical profile for layers 1-4 and the certification testing specifications will transition to the Wi SUN Alliance.

2. The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA¬) has signed a Letter of Intent to explore the opportunity for MoCA to assume the certification and test specification programs for nVoy.