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  Date: 06/10/2016

Leti joins Stanford's SystemX Alliance

The collaboration between academia and commercial organization is now nearly a compulsion. To align with this trend, France’s electronics device research organization Leti joined Stanford’s SystemX alliance. SystemX members include 27 electronics and such technology companies and a network of 100 high profiled professors.

The Aligned Collaboration of Stanford researchers and Over two-dozen leading global technology companies- such as Google, Huawei, Xilinx, Intel, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Infineon, and more are prioritizing on hardware and software at all levels of the system design. Concentrating more on advanced nanotech materials and system devices and apps in electronics, networks, energy, mobility, bio-interface, sensors and other applications and so on.

SystemX partners are working on research strategies in developing nexgen apps, including the highly anticipated autonomous vehicles such as self-driving car and future artificial-intelligence systems to improve performance and operation of our mobile, medical, smart-home solutions and devices.

Following his recent visit to Leti, Stanford SystemX Director Rick Bahr said ”Leti’s extensive, advanced clean room facilities and expertise are truly impressive, and I can see now that Stanford and Leti are very complementary . It makes real sense for us to find more ways to work together on developing new technologies and their demonstrators.”

"The alliance provides an avenue for worldwide strategic discussions and, more importantly, allows both research partners and industry leaders to stay ahead of the game,” said Barbara De Salvo, Leti’s scientific director.

"Leti brings it’s scientific excellence and expertise on technology transfer, and will have access to stanford’s top-notch upstream research and network,” she added. “Stanford’s dynamic culture will inspire Leti on the road to new scientific territories and lead to strong programs with the silicon valley ecosystem.”

More details on this is available at: https://systemx.stanford.edu/
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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