Smart parking app tells nearest parking in real-time

Date: 22/09/2016
The new smart car parking solution is implemented in Delhi by Mindteck using Wi-Fi camera with video analytics and battery-operated wireless sensors to let motorists to navigate and zero in on the nearest parking in real-time. The sensors have multi-year battery life and are suitable for Delhi’s extreme weather conditions.

The gross real-time parking availability information is assimilated effortlessly with any government run and third party parking comprehensive services. It achieved through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Service providers can also process analytics on real-time parking data for exposing any revenue flow for which dynamic pricing models are being applied.

The solution encompasses a Smart Parking Mobile App for motorists to map find nearest parking in real-time. It results in reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Ms. Chanchal Yadav, IAS, Secretary – NDMC comments, “Connaught Place, as one of the most congested areas in Delhi, urgently needed a smart parking solution. Implementing this solution on a larger scale can help decongest and regularize unauthorized parking. Also, the provision for using video analytics serves as an added security feature”.

“We are very excited to have implemented India’s first smart parking solution pilot project using Wi-Fi cameras with an embedded video analytics server for parking detection. We are certain that this modernized parking solution will provide NDMC the much-needed, one-stop-solution to the city’s growing parking woes” added by Yusuf Lanewala, Chairman and Managing Director, Mindteck.

NDMC is cautiously measuring up the Smart Parking solution in the entire Connaught Place area.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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