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  Date: 11/09/2016

UMC collaborates with APM to strengthen its MEMS service offer

Semiconductor chip foundry United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) collaborates with Asia Pacific Microsystems (APM) to intensify MEMS service capabilities for its customers. UMC would mutually leverage 8” and 12” production capabilities with APM’s 6” fab and extensive MEMS know-how and prototyping experience. So that the chip designers to provide solution to manufacture flexible and scalable end-to-end MEMS.

S.C. Chien, senior vice president of Corporate Marketing division at UMC said, “UMC has been highly successful in producing MEMS products for microphone, accelerometer and environmental sensor applications,”. “Partnering with APM allows us to broaden our MEMS addressable market to serve a wider range of customers targeting the growing Internet-of-Things (IoT) sector, such as system companies, module providers and designers of new MEMS chips. This alliance will also provide customers with greater working model flexibility, as APM can provide full turnkey service, MEMS prototyping and small volume manufacturing, while UMC delivers process porting capability for mainstream, volume production MEMS products that are ready to migrate to more productive and cost effective 8” manufacturing. Moreover, customers can combine their MEMS modules with UMC’s advanced 12” CMOS fab processes to introduce state-of-the-art MEMS features within an ASIC design.”

The emerging trend is towards smart devices with MEMS sensors and actuators extension. MEMS devices are different from logic IC chips where it uses mechanical, electrical and optical microstructures. The purpose of putting IC and MEMS in one package is to facilitate a non-electrical interaction or response with in a single package.

The joint effort of UMC and APM’s engineering teams will help shorten the initial MEMS development cycle and provide ample, scalable production capacity with competitive manufacturing efficiency to successfully and rapidly commercialize MEMS chips for foundry customers.

“APM brings over 15 years of MEMS experience in design, manufacturing and packaging to our partnership with UMC. Our flexible process capability and process module blocks address different customized chip requirements including sensor, actuator and microstructure, which enable customers to streamline their unique MEMS IC designs to market. We are excited to cooperate with UMC, and believe the synergies created not only by our two companies’ complementary services, but also by our close proximity in Hsinchu to UMC and numerous semiconductor suppliers, MEMS packaging & testing providers, will provide unmatched speed and supply chain advantages to MEMS customers worldwide” said K.H. Jao, president of APM.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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