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  Date: 04/09/2016

Quantum computing by using perovskite discovered by NREL researchers

The U.S. based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) scientists namely, Ye Yang and Matt Beard discovered perovskites that runs counter to the intended usage of the hybrid organic-inorganic material. Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite is researched to use it as a solar cell by many research organizations. Perovskites has evolved as highly efficient at converting sunlight to electricity. NREL Researchers experimented on a lead halide perovskite upon which found usability of the same material for optoelectronic applications beyond photovoltaics.

This material have great potentiality was discovered accidentally by the researchers while experimenting excitons in perovskites. Short laser was pulsed on the material whose wavelength was specifically tuned to not getting absorbed by the sample. As and when it was laser pulsed, an explosion triggered with a strong interaction of light with the perovskite that produced transition energy by shifting known as the optical Stark effect. The result projected effects that occur in semiconductor materials. It can be observed in very high-quality and high-cost materials at extremely low temperatures.

Scientists at NREL were successful in observing the materials grown at room temperatures whose effects caused by processing solutions. They utilized the optical Stark effect to eliminate the degeneracy of the excitonic spin states within the perovskite sample. Depending on the variation of the electron, it can occupy the similar electronic state. In the spin states the polarized light in the circular form can be used while shifting its transition energy.

Applications rely upon optical Stark effect where the ultrafast optical switch acts with potentiality.
Research makes way for progress in the field where the researchers need to show the controllability of spin states addressing its stability problem. Stability issues have obstructed the use of perovskites as solar cells that are major factor in this field.
Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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